Mom photography Membership


But your DSLR camera is collecting dust because you have no idea how to use it?

Want to take great photos of your kids everyday

What if you could take high-quality, gorgeous photos of you family every single day?

What if you FINALLY learned how to use that camera that has been collecting dust.

Better yet, what if you had a back-to-school photo to post that was taken WELL in advance? On the first day of school the pressure to take the "perfect" photo was complete off.

What if you had a yearbook of all the photos you took to enjoy now and for generation to come?

and I'm here to teach you how step-by-step!


Sister, I hear you!

It all starts with camera knowledge. You’ve got to master your camera before you can even think about taking your own visual content. The first months of the membership, you’ll be given the tools needed to use a DSLR camera. You will also become very familiar with the camera lingo. This understanding will allow you to FINALLY be able to follow those DSLR camera YouTube videos you’ve been so confused by.  

Learning your DSLR

Here’s what you can expect: 

I’m going to show you exactly how I upload and organize photos on my computer. This may be another new word for you; culling. It simply means going through the photos and selecting the one you want to post. This can be a tedious task especially when you’ve taken hundreds (or thousands) of photos. I’m going to show you the software I use to do it quickly


Here’s what you can expect: 

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This is where things get even more fun!
Surprise, surprise. There’s also a process for posting your photos. I have several applications I use to get my photos web-ready and to get them on my phone. (Nope, photos taken with my camera don’t magically get to my phone.) 
This course does not teach editing, but I am going to tell you what apps I use for editing before I post. These apps can be used for photos taken with your phone or with your DSLR.


Here’s what you can expect: 

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"Since her class I have used my own photos to design and mail out over 16,000 mail outs/coupons to local homes with national mail - it, inc. I have updated the social media aspect of my businesses by posting promotional advertisements twice a week and boosting posts to reach over 50,000 possible customers. I can honestly say that taking Kayla's class has 

increased my income substantially."

FAQs: How long is the Class?

This course covers A LOT of content. Like, a lot, a lot. I need a solid 4 hours of speaking/ demo time. I prefer if it is two hours, a lunch break, and then time to finish the content and host a Q&A.

I have built my business on the solid foundation that moms are meant to be in the photos with their family, and photos were never meant to stay in the digital form. Let’s get your gorgeous photos on your walls and in heirlooms to pass down for generations to come!

If it has to do with a camera, I’m your girl! I’m also your girl if you need a good Starbucks drink recommendation in the morning and a good red wine recommendation in the evening. I got you, sister.

and just who am I?

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