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by teaching them how to create their own visual content.

Helping Entrepreneurs grow their businesses

So, you’re an entrepreneur and you know this whole social media thing is important but you simply don’t have any good visual content to post.

It’s no secret. We live in a visually driven world.

Instagram. Facebook. Your website (yes, that too!)

You may have GREAT ideas and copy content to share,
but what is that without a good photo to get their attention?

Sure, you can hire a photographer. But let’s be honest, that is only a bandaid to an everyday problem. You need great photos and content to share daily! You want current and maybe even “spur of the moment” photos taken. Who has the time or the money to hire a good photographer that often?

STORY TIME (stay with me here.) I started teaching the basics of using a DSLR to moms who wanted to take great photos of their kiddos every single day. I had an attendee contact me weeks after she attended one of my workshops and she was gushing about how it had helped her with her business. Wait! What?! Her business?! I was confused. Clarity- this mom was also an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry. While she was taking photos of her beautiful daughter and mastering the skills she learned, she realized that she could stop using terrible stock photos she had been posting on social media and start taking photos of whatever she wanted. GENIUS! Her… not me. Because it didn’t hit me until almost the exact same thing happened a couple months later, but this time the mom came in openly admitting she was there with hopes that this would help her take photos for her growing online clothing boutique as much as it would help her take photos of her growing babies.

 I had accidentally created a course for entrepreneurs that could help them save and MAKE MONEY! 

My mom once told me, “I kind of wish I were in the ministry or was a fitness instructor.” I looked over at her with my eyebrows down so confused by that random statement. She continued, “Being active in the church and working-out are 2 things I strive to do. But sometimes they don’t fit with my work schedule. If one of those were my job, I’d have one of those things off my plate because it would be built into my work.” For me, a professional photographer, I have visual content built into my business. I’m never short on visuals. It’s a part of what I do. So, I never thought about anyone ever struggling with this because I had not personally struggled with it. (There’s a life lesson here and possibly a Daniel Tiger Episode here, I just know it.) The entrepreneur moms who I’ve taught are ROCKIN’ their social media! This is when I decided to start teaching fellow entrepreneurs, because sister (or brother,) you can do this (and you need to be doing this because those stock photos are not cutting it! And those things are expensive!)

I'm here to help!

Fellow entrepreneur, I hear you

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It all starts with camera knowledge. You’ve got to master your camera before you can even think about taking your own visual content. In this course, you’ll learn the tools needed to use a DSLR camera. You will also become very familiar with photography lingo. This understanding will allow you to FINALLY be able to follow those DSLR camera YouTube videos you’ve been so confused by.  

Learning your DSLR

Here is what you can Expect


I’m going to show you exactly how I upload and organize photos on my computer. Here is your first new word; culling. It simply means going through the photos and selecting the one you want to post. This can be a tedious task especially when you’ve taken hundreds (or thousands) of photos. I’m going to show you the software I use to do it quickly!

Uploading & Culling


Surprise, surprise. There’s also a process for posting your photos. I have several applications I use to get my photos web-ready and to get them on my phone. (Nope, photos taken with my camera don’t magically get to my phone.) 
This course does not teach editing, but I am going to tell you what apps I use for editing before I post. These apps can be used for photos taken with your phone or with you DSLR.




"Since her class I have used my own photos to design and mail out over 16,000 mail outs/coupons to local homes with National Mail - It, Inc. I have updated the social media aspect of my businesses by posting promotional advertisements twice a week and boosting posts to reach over 50,000 possible customers.  I can honestly say that taking Kayla's class has

increased my income substantially."

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