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Today’s little moments become Tomorrow's

You may have heard the saying,
“There is no hood like Motherhood.”
I believe the reason for this saying is magnified and spotlighted when trying to plan for a family session. You’re the cheerleader. The organizer. The stylist. The therapist (especially to those who may not want to be in attendance for the photos. *cough, cough* The dad.) You fear your kids might not behave as you’d like and your hair might be flat that day. Oh, and since you are always behind the camera, you want to look your absolute best for these photos as well since this is the only documentation of you being a part of the family. 


Your family is changing quickly. 

I consider it a privilege that you have chosen me to document this special time in your family. Whether this session is to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, your senior’s upcoming graduation, or your entire family together; this is important.
My goal is not only to present you with timeless photos, but to provide you and your family with a great time spent together. A photo session is simple, really. It’s about you and your family enjoying each other’s company (cell phone free) for an hour, and me joining along to capture the fun. 
Of course, timeless and beautiful photos are a given, but I also aim to make our time together comfortable and enjoyable. Just like anything of importance, it is planned for to ensure a fun and stress-free time. How is this possible? I’m so glad you asked. Keep scrolling!

I treat your family like my own!

Sister, I hear you! I’ve been there. 

First, we plan!  I’d love to invite you into my studio for coffee to discuss your session, the style you had in mind, and I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. I also have a styling guide we can go over to inspire you (since personal stylist also falls under the category of Motherhood.) 

I'm so glad you asked!

How does it work?

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Because we have planned well in advance, your session is relaxed and filled with lots of laughs and fun! And, of course, tons of amazing photos! If a toddler will be in your photos, no worries! I’ll be wearing my running shoes. As a mom myself, chasing a child is my cardio! Those also make for some of the best photos!

It's time to have some fun!

The Session

This is where things get even more fun! You will visit me in the studio to see all your beautiful photos on a larger than life screen and set to music. From there I will assist you in choosing the heirloom products of your choice. Want to know what your images will look like on your walls before investing? GREAT! I can digitally do that for you so that you will know exactly how it will look in your home before you invest.

This is my favorite part!

The Ordering session

"This experience was like none other. I'm in awe of her personality, willingness to go above and beyond and the quality of her work.”

inquire about your
Family session

Peak seasons (aka: when it's not 1 million degrees outside) fill up fast! I schedule family sessions as soon as a year in advance.

If you're still reading this, you're my kind of person!

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Every investment varies per client based on their heirloom choices.
The average client spends $1,000-$2,000 on heirlooms.