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Let’s preserve this precious time together.

Babies don’t keep.

You’re having a baby!

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”

-Winnie the Pooh

Congratulations! As exciting as this time is, it is also very busy filled with appointments, building the perfect registry, and now you’re looking into scheduling a newborn photographer to document this special time. All of this is uncharted territory and you have so many questions and a to-do list to complete before your little one arrives.

I consider it a privilege that you have chosen me as not only your newborn photographer but also as one of the first people you visit with your newborn. I’ve been in your shoes (the comfortable ones. Probably flip-flops because that was all that fits.) A new mom, a diaper bag filled to the brim, and anxious as can be… mainly because a human just exited your body only a few days prior. I remember that time like it was yesterday. 

I treat you like family.

Mama, I see you! I’m here to help

timeless & elegant documentation. 

Of course, timeless and beautiful photos are a given, but I also aim to make our time together comfortable and enjoyable. We’ll discuss the KB newborn experience at your consultation. Scroll down for an overview of the KB Newborn Experience.

You will get

only the best!

First, before the baby arrives, I’d love to invite you into my studio for a consultation to discuss your newborn session, the style you had in mind, and I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. You’ll leave our time together relieved! You'll know exactly what to expect and be SO excited! The next time I’ll see you, you will be holding your precious little one.


The KB Newborn Experience

Great! How about during?

YAY! The baby is here! Your 
newborn session is relaxed and filled with lots of cuddles, as many feeding sessions as their heart desires, and of course, tons of amazing photos. There is never any rush! Full disclosure: I always get a venti coffee before a newborn session. I enjoy my coffee and your company while the baby feeds and is being rocked back into dreamland.


The KB Newborn Experience

Great! How about after?

This is where things get real fun!
You will visit me in the studio to see all your beautiful photos on a larger-than-life screen and set to music. From there I will assist you in choosing the heirloom products of your choice. Want to know what your images will look like on your walls before investing? GREAT! I can digitally do that for you so that you will know exactly how it will look in your home before you invest.


The KB Newborn Experience

Yay! Take me back.

"This experience was like none other. I'm in awe of her personality, willingness to go above and beyond and the quality of her work.”

inquire about Your Newborn session

Every investment per client is different based on their heirloom choices.

To ensure I am able to fit you in, contact me 3-6 months prior to your due date.

If you're still reading this, you're my kind of mama!

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